Monday, July 13, 2009

Live from Newark Airport

The first blog entry of my trip to Berlin!

In my mania this morning I managed to make an extra batch of ginger short bread (I made a gooseberry tart using the shortbread as a crust for bubbie, but made too much) and am sitting here in terminal C noshing on it with a Starbucks.

On my way to find my gate I noticed a new addition to the airport shopping mall strip, a very tasteful wine bar called, Vino Volo.

Historically the most upscale food at Newark was the Au Bon Pain, so this was a very pleasant surprise!

They have a very well thought out menu of small plates and an intelligent selection of wines, with an emphasis on local and domestic wines, with the option to have a tasting flight (nice pun) also if you have lounge access you can pay an additional fee of $15 and have the bottle of wine in the lounge.

Definitely the classiest place in all of Newark to hang out while waiting for a flight.

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