Monday, July 27, 2009

555 Pound Boy's Mom Charged with Criminal Neglect - For Letting Him Over Eat?

This is just so crazy. The government of South Carolina has charged this boy's mom with a felony because he is so morbidly obese. Watch the interview with the lawyers - they say he spent his days at school eating at the school cafeteria, several lunches.

Why isn't the state suing the school for selling unhealthy junk food in their cafeteria? Why aren't the makers of trans-fat and high fructose corn syrup being sued for the way they market their disease causing non-foods to children? Seems to me there's a parallel with the cigarette industry here that needs to be explored in the legal realm...

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Anonymous said...

The took the kid to get to 500 pounds before anyone said anything? What's the threshold for someone stepping forward and saying something? I absolutely blame the parents. Although the school seems complacent about the whole matter, and healthier food options should have been 'forced' options, good health starts at home.

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