Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The News

A friend just sent me the link to the New York Times article on the trials and tribulations of food styling Julie and Julia the new Nora Ephron movie about Julia Child with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Small world, turns out I've worked with both Susan and Colin the stylist who did the movie.

Over at Grist is a delightful article about canning tomatoes, with a great recipe and a new idea (for me at least) about baking your tomatoes first. It's been a very late season here in the North East for Tomatoes too much rain not enough sun.

Recently came across a new site call it's a great resource for all things green from shopping, gardening to construction and much more!

Finally, the other day I was walking down First Avenue and noticed a new restaurant in a space that seems to be jinxed, I think this is the third business in that space in a couple of years. Anyway, it's called Permanent Brunch. They have a fun site and a really tantalizing menu, I personally can always eat breakfast food any time of the day or night. The highlight of the menu is the Artisanal Bacon Bar, I think it's a great idea and particularly apt for a place serving, er, permanent brunch. And, just to be, well, me, I feel obliged to point out that none of the artisanal bacon is local nor does it state that any of it is farm raised or organic. Just till 3 a.m Thursday-Saturday and if you aren't in the mood for bacon they have a daily donut!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! A bacon bar! Sign me up, sign me up!

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