Friday, July 24, 2009

Aqui Espana Berlin

In Charlottenberg, Berlin, Keith and I were walking around and discovered several wonderful food shops. Charlottenberg was part of former West Berlin and is very gentrified and upscale so it isn't surprising that so many wonderful food shops are there.

The Germans love Spain (who doesn't really?) and before I left on my trip I came across the web site for this store that sold all things Spanish, Aqui Espana. What a great store! I could have spent hours there! And unlike here in NYC, they were able to combined Spanish Food with Spanish Wine and Brandy along with tons of my favorite clayware and other fun household goods.

They also carried dried chili peppers like Ancho and Pasillo - which were three times as expensive as they are in NYC. The upside, however, is that the wine was much cheaper. In my exploration I was very excited to come across packaged prepared foods that are sold in their own mini clay cazuela! You can even microwave them (something I frown on, not being a microwave fan, and given the wonderful flavor you get when you bake in clay it seems totally besides the point). And they were reasonably priced!

I'm going to check and see if Despana here in NYC carries them.

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