Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nose to Tail Giving

Ok I admit that the reason I am posting about this is because I love Weck Jars, a fancy european way of canning that replaces the toxic canning lids used by Ball and replaces it with a rubber band and a glass lid.  This is also great because it means you don't have to buy more lids every time you reuse your old jars.  Mostly though I just think they are beautiful to look at.  In this case not only are they the perfect packaging for local seasonal preserves, pickles and Honey they are all from Blue Hill Farm so they are fancy local.  The small jar of Jam or pickles starts at $14 all the produce is grown locally and seems like a perfect gift for the gourmand in your life who has everything.  
This is a new endeavour by the people who bring you Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  I'm not a big believer in holiday gift giving and if I do give gifts I often like to give things like a Llama from Heifer International or make a donation to Earth Island Journal.  However in this case I think it is a good way to support local farmers and would be a lovely thing to bring to a dinner party.  Of course as anyone who reads UFG regularly knows I think it would be nicer if you made your own preserves and gave them instead, but given that is not always an option for a lot of us this is a good alternative.

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