Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ley's Grocery Store

Ley's is the big Mexican grocery store in Centro. These are just some of the images from my visit - I have to run, but check back for more along with some comments.

If you could, wouldn't you want to only clean with a product called: Fabuloso!?

The staples: Limes
aloe, more chilies....

This was the biggest cinnamon I have ever seen...
Basically $18 a kilo which would work out to be $9 bucks a pound - pretty  good.
Love this: Extra Pasion!  Make cereal like candy and give it a sexy name: SOLD.
The only reason I took this picture is because the phrase Hot Cakes is something I always associate with     Eva Gabor's character in Green Acres when I was a kid.  Her's were always inedible, but she kept making them anyway.
This is the traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate that is now owned by....
This was my favorite section: The tequila sale table.

This box had a colorful flask in the box that you got if you bought this promotion.
The value jug:
The margarine section.

In all of that one brand of butter (nice packaging) salted and unsalted, but you had to really looked amongst the dozens of kinds of margarine.

 A little local flavor.
Never have I ever seen so many kinds of powder drink flavors. It almost, but not quite, makes me want to try them.

 Colored jello cubes in least that's my guess...festive.
 The candies at the feet of the clowns seems like over kill to me.
 Face masks were worn by everyone preparing food.  It look very surgical.
 But then the meat was in big vats that unmasked customers could pick over...

 Little baby delicious apples.
 Conagra has cornered the market in microwave popcorn.
 With lots of local flavors.

And this was so weird (and cheap) that I had to buy a bottle: locally made Lambrusco.  Traditionally an Italian lightly frizzante red wine.

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