Monday, December 5, 2011

Farmers at Zuccotti Park

This was my first foray to Zuccotti Park, but it seemed like the right moment for me to motivate as I am always ranging on about the evils of corporate food on this here blog thingy.  It was a fascinating experience, I am glad I went and was counted amongst those expressing there displeasure with the corporate food status quo.
Getting into the park you feel very much like cattle in a CAFO.  Everything is highly contained and controlled.  The police mostly kept there distance and I didn't see any at all in the actual park.   There were speeches, but those of you who have been following the OWS movement know that there are no microphones so everything is repeated by the people closest to the speaker so everyone else can hear.  It's wonderful as a concept but it sure does make speeches a lot longer!
The above sign is kind of hard to decipher it says: "Occupy the fertile grounds beneath this pavement!"
It was nice to see familiar faces from the farmers market at Union Square.

I think the one below is my favorite of all the great signs I saw.

This guy was giving out seeds from upstate (I believe that was what he was saying)
A great event I wish I could have joined in earlier, but I was uptown at Christies viewing all of Elizabeth Taylors frocks and jewels - definitely a day of high contrast.

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