Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dee's Coffee Company: Best Coffee and Baked Goods in Puerto Vallarta

At Dee's Coffee Company the coffee is organic, they don't do brewed just Americano and espresso drinks and all the baked goods are made in the back.  The sweets have an old fashioned baked goods feel that remind me of growing up in Canada, walnut cranberry loaf, dates squares and awesome brownies.  They also do several variations of all day breakfast, my favorite was a multi grain bagel with eggs, cheese and tomato, thought they could do with some more readily available salt and pepper, which always seems elusive to me, but that's a small problem given the immense amount of joy this place gave me while I was there.  Oh and don't forget to get the password for the free wifi!

 The kitchen at the back of the shop where all the magic happens.

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