Monday, December 26, 2011

Fredy's Ocho Tostadas

This is my favorite new restaurant in Puerto Vallarta a 40 minute walk from old town, behind the Municipal Stadium.  They are not open for dinner, hours are 11-7 and they are closed on Tuesday.
Fredy's:  413 Ecuador street at Rio Guayaquil.

The food is seafood with an italian twist done from a Mexican perspective: Awesome!
 I'm not sure how taco chips came in to being, but here and elsewhere the tosado rules (which makes sense her given the name of the place).
 Love the open kitchen and the very open inside outside space that is the restaurant.
 This white fish ceviche was made transcendent by the addition of sweet potato which when mixed with the chili infused lime vinaigrette was amazing.  A real revelation.  The corn used was also not like sweet corn we know it was chewy and almost nutty.
 The story goes that long ago there where three brothers who owned one restaurant - now there are three restaurants all with similar names, they had some sort of family fight, but from what I can tell this is the place to eat, one of the others is further a field in the Marina - word on the street is that it is OK with really great ceviches but lack luster mains.  I can't confirm that as I have not been...if you decided to do a sampling of all three let me know!
Neil looking very happy after  his perfectly seared local yellow fin tuna.
My super yummy seafood pasta.
Me looking equally happy and very full after my lunch.
And yes Fredy is spelt with one "d" it's not just my bad typing! 

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