Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mercado Del Mar

Yesterday I just threw these pictures up as I was leaving to catch my plane, so now I am finally settled back home and wanted to give you the dirt on this great mercato in Puerto Vallarta which is where the best chefs in town get their seafood.  Located in Centro or the 5 de Dicembre neighborhood it is a good walk from the hills about Los Muertos beach, but easily reached by taking the Tunnel bus and getting off at the cemetery or it's a nice 30 minute or so walk.  The key is to get here early.  By noon the best stuff if gone.

The market is on San Salvador street on the corner of Brasilia and is worth going even if all you want to do is look as there is much more here then just fish as you will see in the pictures below.

This is probably the best most authentic and diverse market in Puerto Vallarta and a must visit for anyone interested in cooking.

This blue carp reminded me of a fish I saw in Bangkok at Chatachuk market, which was for sale alive there as a very attractive addition to a goldfish pond.  This was the first time I have seen a blue carp since then, the amazing thing about it when it was still swimming (the one in Bangkok) not only was it this insane color of blue but the scales were tipped with a metallic gold, it was so beautiful it made you want to have a goldfish pond just so you could buy it.  The one pictured above was a one off and not selling very well.   My guess it was by catch and so they gutted it and were trying to sell it....which is too bad as they are so stunning swimming about it's a shame to lose such a beauty.

Home made pork rinds.
In addition to fish and produce there were several places to eat and a good butcher or two.

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