Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So Many New Restaurants!

One of my favorite restaurants Double Crown has morphed into Saxon and Parole - same people different idea:
For the longest time a fancy Japanese place struggled to stay open on Clinton street that Ed's Lobster Bar took over and renovated this Summer - it's their second restaurant in town the other one is in Soho.
Eldridge street is really happening with the opening of two new restaurants, the cozy yet mid century modern fashionable Zoe
And just a few doors south is the quirky, Japanese home cooking with a twist  Family Recipe.
A few blocks away on another used-to-be-a-barren-street-best-avoided: Forsyth Street, a new casual Mexican place has opened in a subterranean space (read:basement) that against all odds they have managed to make bright and comfy!  Mexicue is very reasonably priced, it's also the second restaurant to open this year on the Lower East Side that started out as a food truck (Souvlaki GR being the first) .

So it looks like I'm just going to get fatter and poorer as I try all these places out!

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