Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blue Fin

I seem to be fish obsessed lately.  The more I hear and understand about commercial fisheries the more I think eating any fish at all is problematic.  I try to just buy locally caught fish from the market, so seafood caught off of Long Island, but even this is problematic as quotas require a lot of the fish that is caught to be put back in the water, either because it is by catch or over quota or out of season fish that isn't allowed.  Most of the fish that is put back is dead.

Blue Fin Tuna is something I have written about often here, from what I can tell it is on the brink of total extinction and we are really not doing anything to stop our wholesale slaughter of this very popular fish.  I am amazed at how many Sushi restaurants still carry it on there menu's. I personally don't think it should be on any menu at all - we need a moratorium on eating and fishing it until the Blue Fin populations can come back from the edge. Of course that's not going to happen, but like anything the more people know, the better informed we are, the more likely we as consumer as start to make wiser choices when we are out: don't order it.  As long as demand is there it will be overfished.  It seems like in my lifetime it could become totally extinct.

This video from the Pew Foundation is a great overview of what is happening in regards to the European Blue Fin industry and how they are trying to reign in the out of control fishing of this precious fish.

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