Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smoked Meat Poutine at Mile End Deli

This was lunch.  Huge fat hunks of smoked meat, cheese curds on a bed of salt fries all covered in gravy.  And I wonder why I'm fat!  The side of Cole Slaw was my attempt at balance.  Coffee by stumptown.

I've been wanting to try Mile End Delicatessen the Montreal style Deli in Brooklyn for ages.  It's an inviting little room on Hoyt street. Certainly my Poutine was a very generous plate of food ($14), the smoked meat was tasty, but I wish it had been sliced thin instead of being served in huge fatty chunks and my memory of growing up in Canada the cheese curds in Poutine were always warm and partially melted, which I think would have been an improvement on the cold squeaky ones I got.  These are petty squabbles which can be easily rectified when next I go.  Us Canadian are so particular about our Poutine!

Open for Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner next time you are in downtown Brooklyn check out Mile End and plan to do some serious walking after you eat!

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