Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Spray Apples

last week I posted on what I see as a trend towards spraying apples less (they are the most heavily sprayed of al fruits) and I had some pictures of some low spray apples.  Both Gorzynski Ornery Farms and Keith's Organic have some No Spray apples.  I did a little photo essay to show you what this most beloved fruit looks like as mother nature gives it to us.  it's a wonder we ever started to eat them, given how at this point in history we only want to eat fruit that is unblemished and perfect.  Goes to show you what it takes to get fruit that way especially given how small and marked it is when it is left alone:

 Oh and some pear as well...

I'm guess that the yield is far less on these apples as they are almost twice the price of the other sprayed apples at the market $3 a pound at Keith's and $4 at Gorzynski Ornery Farms

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