Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rotisserie Chicken

This made my mouth water and I really liked the idea of roasted jalapenos dripping with hot chicken fat!

At the end of this little video is a price list here it is in USD approximately:

Whole chicken: $5.75

2 Chickens $10.65

1/2 Chicken $2.85

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CBSWinAVL said...

I know it's YOUR blog but this vid totally brings back one of our best Mexican food experiences that I want to share.

We lucked into an amazingly excellent stand like this on the ungringo side of Bucerias, where we stayed north of PVR. With a whole chicken 'orden' came two salsas--one was simmered a mole meets BBQ sauce sweetness, the other a cold onion-tomatillo-cilantro-lime blend. Into the bag they stuffed a double-fistfull of rolled, fresh tortillas, a sweet mayonnaise-lime coleslaw (BBQ Chicken and slaw just like home in the south) and roasted veggies--fat green onions, whole red potatoes, and jalapenos--cooked under the dripping chicken like in your vid. I think it was $7 and was enough for lunch the next day.

It was among the best random food finds so far in our travel. Thanks for the memory ping!

Chris & Skip

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