Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feliz Navidad

I'm on a funky computer with a Spanish keyboard as my internet at Casa low tech Tucan has failed me again. So I'll keep this brief: Have a happy healthy holiday.

Do a turkey a favor this holiday season, mix it up. Have an ox tail stew or a silken chicken soup with lots of fresh herbs or a sweet potato mole.

Me, personally, Urbanfoodguy, I'm on my way out for a fish taco.

Actually in the end I went to Joe Jacks Fish Shack a wonderful place run by a British guy who totally understands the theater of food and restaurants. I had a great fresh fish taco here the first day I arrived - they give you the option of either battered and fried or grilled fish, I chose battered and friend (claro!) they also have Fish and Chips (Neil).

Tonight I went with the much tooted octupus with chunks of potatoes in a chorizo and dried pepper sauce. It was a very generous portion and the octopus (pulpo) was done to perfection. The flavoring was a bit off for my taste buds, but I think it's a Mexican flavor that I just don't click with, it was akin to some moles which you get on, mostly chicken, there is a heaviness to it that doesn't sit well with me. The dish can't be faulted it was perfectly done and presented, I just think for me, tonight I should have played it safe and had comfort food. They coconut pie on the menu which I love and what a better place to eat it then here, but after to rather pale and citric margaritas it seemed an unwise choice.

Tonight I sat upstairs on there really great roof terrace with lots of colored lights, climbing vines and walls plastered with old movie posters. Very tasteful and charming, which is probably why it was filled with gay men tonight. It's a funny place in that every one speaks perfect English some of the waiters speak it as there first language I'm sure, it's like a little colonial outpost - they even have mashed peas on the menu.

Rule Britannia!

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