Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cooking in Plastic Now Available At Home!

So I get this email newsletter thingy with the head line:

An appliance that will change your life

Jeez that's an awfully big statement. Let me see what other appliances have changed my life? My dishwasher has made things easier and I sure am glad I no longer have to take my clothes down to the river and rub them against rocks to get them clean. Change my life? I thought maybe it was a machine that printed money or cured deadly diseases or something, so you can imagine my disappointed when I opened up the email to see what it was - a machine that allows you to put everything you cook into a plastic bag and heat it in hot water for a long time.

The email starts out badly:

"The turning point in the war against dry chicken and mushy broccoli came in the 1970s, when French chef George Pralus invented sous-vide ("under-vacuum") cooking".

How about not cooking your broccoli so much and buying chicken that wasn't manufactured in a factory? Funny it's 2009 almost 2010 and I don't seem to be suffering for either of these life threatening issues? And I manage to do it with out an expensive machine and the assistance of the fossil fuel industry. How can cooking in plastic be a good thing?

Leached PCBs in your Cacciatore anyone?

I don't know maybe I'm just being old fashioned, but besides not really liking the food I've eaten that was cooked in this method I think there is something terribly wrong with the idea that we think at this point in our history that cooking in plastic is a good idea and that it will change our lives?

Given that we cook less than ever before I don't see it as a major threat to civilization, but still, come on, please. When I grew up my mother, who was one of the worst cooks on the planet, used to buy boil n' bag meals Salisbury steak was my favorite at the time, but it's not a time I wish to visit again.

I also like how the newsletter never mentions plastic it just says:

"Seal any ingredient--from fruit to foie gras--in an airtight bag (emphasis added), then cook it in a controlled water bath"

I love the idea you would spend all that money on foie gras only to boil it in a Ziploc PLASTIC bag.

Obviously this is not the appliance that is going to change my life, it's not even an appliance I think should really exist, but hey it's a free country and if you have $500 and can't figure out how to take broccoli out of the water before it's over cooked well - knock yourself out - just don't invite me over for dinner.

Oh and just in case someone accuses me of not being fair and balanced here's the link so you can get your Sous Vide Supreme before the holidays!

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Kurt Brown said...

When Mark says "knock yourself out" you know it's pretty much game over. Just go home quietly. :)

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