Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cool Organic Store in Puerto Vallarta

This place is great I was so happy to see it here! The guy who owns it is very charismatic, he and his wife moved here to make a life for themselves somewhere quieter then Mexico City. We had a nice chat, he sells a small, but good selection of cheeses and some homemade crackers that look like they are made with a tortilla press that are awesome with some of the fresh goat cheese he sells. A local foodie makes them a package cost 15 pesos!!!!! ($1.25 ish)

If you are in PV be sure to stop in and support these people. I will post the address tomorrow.

Oh and the best internet computer design store in town(where I am right now) is Colores.

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Steve said...


We're in PVR and I can't find the subsequent post with the address (promised in this post). Can you point me to that link OR send the address info (or actual store name) to me at

Thanks! Steve (& Tim)

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