Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mexico City: Day 1

Sorry it was all I could do today to just get lost and find my way again so I have yet to start taking pictures or movies - tomorrow!

Here are my first impressions of this huge, sprawling amazing city:

A Latin Bangkok.

Lots of really great street food, just look for the place with a crowd and stand in the queue.

Meat, meat and more meat! And you know it's from a factory, but these are poor people so what are you going to do? I did find one organic salad place, very modern and vaguely chain like, and then I read at the guest house I am staying in there is another organic place in the neighborhood! Good signs that things are changing.

Amazing Parks.

Museo de Art Moderno Fabulouso!

They really don't speak much English and I really wish I had studied Spanish in school!

The metro is great and I was the only gringo I saw using it. 2 pesos a ride!!!!!!! That's barely 16 cents a ride to go anywhere on this extensive and vast system.

I rode it twice today, paid admission to the modern art museum, had pork, onion, potato, black bean and hot sauce, soft, corn tacos (3 or 4 tacos to the dish) and bought a big bottle of bubbled mineral water: the entire day cost $4 USD (a hearty breakfast is part of my guest house).


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