Thursday, September 24, 2009

Judge Blocks GM Sugar Beets

Goods new from the New York Times:

A federal judge has ruled that the government failed to adequately assess the environmental impacts of genetically engineered sugar beets before approving the crop for cultivation in the United States. The decision could lead to a ban on the planting of the beets, which have been widely adopted by farmers.

Besides their morally reprehensible business practices the thing about Monsanto's GM seeds is that they still require pesticides, yes maybe less, but GMO's don't help solve our addiction to pesticides, in reality Monsanto has cleverly manipulated farmers to sign on to use seeds they developed so that they would be resistant to Monsanto's pesticides. This way Monsanto gets not only the farmers seed business , but there pesticide business as well.

Meanwhile we're still pouring 1 billion pounds of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals on our soil in this country every year, all in the name of weeds?

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