Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

After writing the post below about the Vendy Awards I felt like I had to single (for obvious reasons) favorite the very colorful and tasty Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

Just for fun value alone he gets my vote. Also I thought it was funny that in the video he mentions candied bacon, so I sent him the link to the recipe I post here for candied bacon ice cream.

You gotta love New York.

1 comment:

Kurt Brown said...

< rant>

I'm wondering how many applicants for the "Big Gay Host" were rejected by the Outscene TV producers as "not gay enough" before settling on Mr. Sparkly? Hundreds? Thousands? Could hair possibly be any more styled than that? Could, for once, a gay host maybe not look like a Ken doll who spends all of his spare time in a spa getting facials?

< /rant>

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