Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Wine Made from Organic Grapes

Chono is winery in Chile that makes some delicious wine using organic grapes that are for sale here at my two favorite local wine stores September and Astor Wines.

Chono has a Riesling Reserva, a very drinkable white but it's the Carménère that's really outstanding to my taste buds. It's described as the lost grape of Bourdeaux a grape wiped out in the old world by phylloxera and never replanted.

The Chileans were lucky to have gotten some cuttings before the aphids got hold of them and for what ever reason the Carménère grape thrives in Chile and has become their iconic grape like Cabernet Sauvignon in California. For more background read the New York Times article here.

Red wines made biodynamically and organically tend to be juicy and light lacking the fullness we have gotten used to in the more processed, pesticide soaked, reverse osmosis flavored beverage wines that have taken over. So it is very exciting to find a grape and a vintner who can coax a full bodied, luscious, complex wine with some fruit in it that utilizes organically grown fruit.

The best news is that it is only $12.99 at Astor!

The other bottle that I have been buying a lot of comes from Spain a wonderful dry Cava with a little bit of Citrus called Savia Viva also grown from organic grapes. It's perfect to just sip or wonderful with some peach puree if you want to treat yourself and your guests to some Bellini's.

I don't think September has it, but Astor not only carries it, but currently has it on sale for 8.99 reduced from 11.99! I want to buy a case I can't imagine it lasting very long at this price.

Say hi if you see me at Astor. And rememeber they have a huge fridge so the Savia Viva can be bought chilled and taken directly to your friends house for immediate gratification bubbly!

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