Monday, September 7, 2009

Bouillabaisse Anyone?

I was on a walk about yesterday in Williamsburg, my favorite place to go these days to explore.

So much of the the most creative and interesting food in the city is here. With an inordinate amount of young, creative, people dedicated to using local, organic and sustainable ingredients. Spearheaded by the creative crew behind Marlow & Sons and Diner.

When I walked by Fada I was taken by the look of the place. It was very open and done in a very authentic style of french bistro. It has a nice warn in feeling about it.

At first I thought: Oh just another stylish French Bistro.

Yet I couldn't tear myself away from standing out front so I decided to go in and investigate further.

It was bustling and I didn't want to bother anyone and didn't see a menu I could look at so I just grabbed a card and went on my merry way.

When I got home I check out their site and loved the whimsical old Renault car zipping about and the biker chick at the gas pump. Mostly I was intrigued by the Marseille (this is their spelling of Marseille my spell check tells me it's Marseilles Wikapedia agrees with them so...) theme, a place I have spent some time and really loved.

My guess is that the chef, Phillippe Chatenie, is from Marseille and is trying to share some of his home town food.

At first glance the menu looks very standard, Moules, Boudin Noir, Tart Provencial, Escargot and so on. Then in it's own special box is the real raison d'etre, the real Marseille aspect to the place: Boullabaisse. Not just any fish soup, but a market priced, book it a day in advance serves 4 people in two courses real authentic Boullabaisse.

The first course is soup with croutons, rouille and cheese.

The second is 5 different kinds of fish served with potatoes.

This has made me very excited.

All I need to do now is find 3 people to go with me!

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