Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chocolate Theme Park

artwork from the China Daily

Ever since the Olympics I've been wanting to go to Beijing to see all those amazing buildings that were built for the games. The blue swimming pool building and the amazing looking birds nest stadium designed by Herzog and de Meuron look like they would be worth the trip in and of themselves. There is also a Mao-centric small hotel next to the forbidden city that I've been reading about for over a decade that I'm itching to stay in: The Red Capital Residence

Culture, wonderful hotels and of course amazing food. One of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong is M at the Fringe, which has a spin off restaurant now in Shanghai called M on the Bund and now the M restaurant group has opened a new venue in Beijing appropriately called M Capital.

As if all this wasn't enough reason to go into debt to book a ticket and high tail it to China The Daily Beast reports today via The China Daily that plans are underway to build a Chocolate Theme Park and wouldn't you just know it is conveniently located close to the birds nest stadium!

I'm not sure a chocolate theme park isn't over kill. I remember staying at the Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok and being over whelmed just walking by their chocolate buffet so I can't imagine an entire theme park dedicated to chocolate, but I think just in the spirit of due diligence I should go and check it out, don't you think?

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