Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finally Waking Up to Monsanto

Credo the progressive phone company (formerly Working Assets) is doing an action exposing Monsanto's reprehensible business practices and asking the Justice Department to investigate them. I've just cut and pasted the body of the email below otherwise cut to the chase and please go here and sign the petition.

Massive seed corporation Monsanto — through acquisitions and cut-throat business practices — has cornered 90% of the soy, 65% of the corn, and 70% of the cotton market, and has a rapidly growing presence in the fruit and vegetable market, all without government anti-trust officials raising an eyebrow. Not only that, but in order to be productive, the entire line of Monsanto's seeds all but require the use of Roundup herbicide, trapping all of their customers into buying it. And who owns Roundup? You guessed it, Monsanto. Monsanto has, it seems, cornered the market on abusive monopolistic practices as well. In the middle of a recession, while farmers' incomes are dropping, Monsanto recently announced a 42% price hike on its most popular genetically modified seeds. When in many areas of the country distributors carry nothing but these seeds, this sure looks like evidence of a monopolist abusing its market position. President Obama's antitrust chief Christine Varney has promised rigorous enforcement of antitrust law with a special focus on the agricultural sector. She should start with the worst of the worst, Monsanto.

Tell Assistant Attorney General Varney to open an investigation into Monsanto and its abusive business practices immediately. Clicking here will automatically add your name to the petition (see above).

The Guardian has a great piece on the reality versus the facts about Monsanto and how they lie to make themselves seem green, but are far from it.

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