Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emirates 380 Lands in Toronto: Plane Food Porn

The Airbus 380 is the new 2 story airplane. It recently landed in Toronto and a friend of a friend was on the flight and took these pictures.

This is all first class and business class food. The cheese plate looks kind of tired, but for the most part it is very impressive for airplane food. I love that they have a bar. The first class bathrooms have showers! Although I have to say the faux burled wood and gold motif of the first class pods is kind of tacky, in that suburban fancy way that you expect to be covered in plastic.

Emirates is based out of Dubai, a place I have no interest in seeing nor is it an airline I would choose to fly because of their homophobic policies. Still it is nice to catch a glimpse of how the other half lives.

1 comment:

Kurt Brown said...

The phrase the comes to mind when I see the interiors of any Gulf state plane, building, hotel lobby, or city street is...

* Elvis voice *

"Vegas Baby!"

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