Monday, June 13, 2011

Stasis Preserves

During my visit the farmers market at the St Lawrence Market (see The North Market) I came across of Julian and Emily of Stasis Preserves who are making local, seasonal pickles, jams and preserves with a verve towards authenticity that is very admirable.

Sure lots of people are making pickles in Brooklyn but it never crosses my mind to wonder where they get their Kirbys in January.  Julian and Emily pickle preserve and jam only from seasonal produce. They also use locally soured herbs, sweeteners and vinegars.  

Julian told me that the Fiddlehead season this year was only two weeks so that was all the time they had to make there pickled Fiddleheads, which they do in a sweet bread and butter pickle brine.

I only bought one jar of pickles but now wish I had picked up some Black Walnuts in Honey and Rhubarb Jam as well oh and a bottle of the Asparagus pickles too!  Damn I need more luggage!

Make sure to check out where you can get some Stasis Preserves when you are next in Toronto, you don't want to miss them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice video and pics! I love Stasis!

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