Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bar Agricole: San Francisco

My friend Matt in Vancouver sent me the link to this new bar/restaurant in San Francisco: 
Bar Agricole.  This place is a sustainable design wonderland!

Take the time to click on the link and in the "location" section there is an option to view a slide show of "our artisans"  it's amazing the collection of crafts people they brought together to create this bar.  Everything from the hand made salt glazed wood fired tea cups (Walter Slowinski see video below)  to the amazing hand crafted chairs that are made from old oak wine barrels (made by Sebastian Parker) are loveingly made to order by talented artisans.  

I want to get on a plane right now and go visit!  

This kind of meticulous attention to craft, the environment, and to sustainability is rare to find, especially done so exceptionally well.  If anyone reading this has gone to Bar Agricole and want to share their thoughts in the comments section I'd love to hear them.

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Tea Sets for Sale said...

I have never been there but after seeing this I want to go too. I have a hard time finding good restaurants with good food since I learned to cook. I always wind up saying I can do that better.

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