Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Bowery Diner

Walking up the Bowery the other day I noticed this big sign next to the New Museum announcing a The Bowery Diner something about it's location and the sign made me think it wasn't going to be your usual ma and pa Greek diner so I did a little research...turns out it is going to be a diner in feel and look, and yes there will be doughnuts coffee and french fries but it is being opened by Mathieu Palombino the master mind behind what the New York Times Sam Sifton calls the best pizza in town Motorino.  Further digging has this diner defined as an American Bistro and a Steak House.

What ever it turns out to be it won't be typical.  For me it's nice to see something opening on this stretch of the Bowery other than an art gallery, a club or a high end groovy clothing/shoe store.

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