Monday, June 13, 2011

Sleeping in the Kitchen

This trip to Toronto hasn't really turned out the way I had thought it was going to.  Before I got here I thought I'd be eating out a few meals and having people over to my room and maybe even cooking a little something.   But dealing with my elderly mother in Hamilton (an hour away) was a lot more time consuming then I had imagined. 

When I travel I always look for hotels that have kitchens in them, suite hotels as they are called.  For me there is a: just like home feel that suites hotels have that you don't get with your traditional hotel room.  

Obviously having a full outfitted kitchen makes the trip less expensive as you can cook at home and stock your fridge with goodies from your local market (and the St Lawrence Market is a short walk from The Pantages where I am staying) is ideal. 
The Urban Suite I have is on the smaller side some of the more deluxe suites have
separate living and kitchen areas.  The company that owns The Pantages also owns The Cosmopolitan where I have staid many times and like very much.  Both have similar modern aesthetic, but The Cosmopolitan has a small exclusive hotel feel which I really like. 
Toronto has an abundance of hotels that come supplied with full kitchens, washer dryers en suites and all the comforts of home the other two I would suggest checking out are: One King West (which is a super high rise with a clubby Ralph Loren feel to the rooms) and The Cambridge Suites which I haven't stayed at but I did pop into the lobby and chatted with the front desk people a bit who told me that not all the rooms have full kitchens, but all of them have some cooking facilities (so a microwave) and a fridge.

All of these hotels are within walking distance of the St Lawrence Market.

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