Monday, June 13, 2011

Late Night Eats in TO

The original late night place to eat in Toronto was Frans, a classic, big old style greasy spoon.  The original location at 20 College street is still there, still open 24/7/365.  Frans has expanded and has 3 locations to satisfy your late night grilled cheese and french fry cravings.
Another more ubiquitous option has popped up all over town: the hot dog stand.  These aren't your old fashioned boiled wieners.  These carts have actual gas grills with a good selection of hot dogs and sausages with tons of great condiments to slather over your dog of choice.
The other even more ubiquitous option is Pizza Pizza Toronto's pizza chain of choice. They have a the usual selection of toppings plus some unusual ones like Chipotle Chicken or Pulled Pork.  It is often hard to find just a plain cheese slice that us New Yorkers crave in the meat heavy pizza landscape of Toronto.
Mehran Restaurant on Church street seems to always be open.  I never had chance to eat here, but it's open late, well located and who wouldn't want a late night samosa to soak up all that good Canadian beer?

My favorite place to go, that's just around the corner from The Pantages Hotel where I am staying is Ali Baba's they have one of the best Falafel I've ever eaten.  Like in Berlin they fold up the Falafel and grill it so it's a hot, crunchy, savory, bundled of joy when you get it.  Ali Baba's is open late (check for the location nearest you the one I went to on Church street on the weekends was open at 2 and 3 in the morning contrary to what their website says so you might want to call) and also has a very aromatic selection of curries and other middle eastern delights if you want to stray off the Falafel path!
These are just a few places that I noticed or ate at during my late night wanderings, but Toronto these days is a late night place to be with lots of places to satisfy your cravings.  If you have any suggestions of places I missed and you think are must eat at places please let me know!

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