Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm reminded of all the arguments I've heard and had with people about the problem of world hungry and hot to solve it.  A lot of people defend big AG, Monsanto and the likes saying that genetically modified seeds, technology, mega factory farms, pesticides, herbacides, etc are necessary if we are to end world hunger.  Certainly you couldn't feed the hungry of the world with organic farming.  So I'm told even though there is a wealth of research out there to prove otherwise.

Then you see this trailer and realize the USA could probably feed all the hungry in the world if we actually just weren't so wasteful and well, I hate to say it, lazy.  

Here is the trailer for a new film called Dive!  About dumpster diving. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

your post reminded me of the new Laura Linney tv series, The Big C. John Benjamin Hickey plays Laura's brother who is homeless in the show. He's homeless by choice, protesting our consumer culture including large homes. They take a road trip together late in the season to visit their Dad and the brother dumpster dives for their lunch. Pretty amazing scene.

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