Friday, July 23, 2010

The View from the Lower East Side

This is my favorite view when everything is classic white. The new Bank of America building, the one to the right of the Empire State Building, has endeared itself to me, I like the white torch like strip of light going up it's side.

It's so humid tonight I thought by taking a picture out my window you'd be able to see how heavy the air is. For a sure a night to stay in and eat ice cream and sip chilled red wine.

Funny how when you have a garden and it's been as hot and dry as these last few weeks when it rains your first thought is: the garden will be so happy.

Speaking of Ice Cream, if you read my chalk board menu posts you'll see I've been making a lot of Butter Pecan Ice Cream - it's truly amazing. Recipe to follow this week. Then I'm off again this time for 2 days in London and 5 days in Berlin, which is probably at this point my favorite city in Europe (that I've been to, there are still lots I want to see - Lisbon, Brussels and Prague being the top 3 must sees for this decade).

Stay cool.

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