Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy In The Kitchen

See the sweat on my brow? In the last couple of weeks I have acquired two great canning/preserving books and have been busy in the kitchen trying out recipes and honing my canning techniques! Refrigerator pickles, savory jam, sweet jam all done, today it's sour cherry sauce and peaches. All this to say I feel I have not been the best blogger lately, but trust me all of this kitchen effort has been documented and hopefully in the next few days you will be overwhelmed with canning and preserving information and inspiration, not to mention some perspiration as well!

1 comment:

ChrisSkip in AVL said...

Look at YOUR pretty kitchen! Hard stem garlic and vintage radio (we have one like that too).

And those jars lined up and filled with summer goodness (the sour cherry sauce?). Love that stage. Completion point almost achieved. You make me feel like a total slacker. We usually have a few canned goodies done by now ourselves. Man. Gotta get our butts in gear!

Chris & Skip

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