Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apricots, Canning, Chickens and You

This is $179 worth of Apricots. The other day while at the market I watched a guy negotiate with a farmer for this huge crate of Apricots. The farmer gave him a discount of a buck off the usual $3 a pound so this above pictured crate is about 60 pounds worth.

Not only could you can them, jam them, chutney them, make an upside down cake with them (for more immediate gratification) you could also freeze them and dry them. And if you split them with some friends you could even have help doing all this!

If you haven't read my magnum opus on canning it might inspire you. Beware though, it's kind of long so you might want to read it in installments like a Dickens novel.

In addition to Ashley English's wonderful book on canning I was given another book by the folks at Homemade Living also by Ms. English aptly called Keeping Chickens. What, you might ask, do I know about keeping chickens? Nothing, really at all until I started to do some research about folks in these parts who do keep chickens, I had no idea we were in the middle of a chicken keeping Renaissance! Coming soon...

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