Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Goods is on the corner of Lorimer and Metropolitan in Williamsburg housed in a shiny, restored 1946 Spartan trailer that has been converted into a kitchen with the rest of what had been a long empty corner lot becoming a lovely outside eating area.

My first thought was: This is great!

My second thought was: What are they going to do in the winter?
The idea of spending so much time, effort and money on such a temporary and seasonal place seems a little crazy to me, but I suppose it's one of the things that I love about it as well. Get it while you can. It isn't impossible to image that if business is good they might be able to cover over the eating area and heat it somehow? Sometimes I get bogged down in details when I should just be eating.

The food is almost all made in house and is locally sourced - best of all nothing on the menu is more than $12 (fried chicken).

Sure is pretty.

The food as you can tell from the menu above (a few pictures up) is very southern, so this isn't the place to go for a light salad. But Goods is for sure the neatest concept restaurant to open up in NYC in recent memory. Their dedication to locally sourced and home made food at reasonable prices makes me think Neil and I need to go there tonight for dinner (it's too hot to cook!).

A Fried Green Tomato sandwich with coleslaw anyone?

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