Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chilled Reds

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About a month or so ago I went to Diner in Williamsburg for lunch. I get the wine menu and the first thing I notice is that they have a: Chilled Red section that takes up the first half of the menu.

Chilled and Red are not two words I normally would put in a sentence together, but here they were. After chatting with the bartender a bit I decided to try the Roche Noir and damned if it was just the ticket. Cool, light, juicing and refreshing I had another. Then I started asking the staff at my favorite wine stores what red wines did they think would be good chilled?

Simple lighter wines like the Beaujolais Gamy, Cabarnet Franc, Pinot Noir even a Barbera D'Alba have all worked well for me.

My favorite so far is a funky wine from Burgundy called Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire check out the funky tie dyed label.

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