Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pizza A Casa

Opening today Pizza A Casa is a funky little store front just down the street from where I live on Grand street. Billed as a "Pizza self-sufficiency center" offering classes and selling supplies for making your own pizza it is certainly going to become an instant hit. The space is a total 1970's flashback of my mother's kitchen with a long center work space split into individual areas for pizza class. Not only is it a fun concept it takes one of our favorite take out foods and turns it around by encouraging people to rethink this favorite food and make it at home. We need to reveres the trend of being a culture that loves to watch cooking shows, but doesn't cook.

It's also great how the bleak one story strip mall that houses Pizza A Casa (that runs along Grand street east of Essex) is starting to be taken over by creative, smart, foodies (the Doughnut Plant is just a few doors down). It's so exciting to watch in the 5 years that we've lived down here how the neighborhood has changed and become such a food destination.

I would be remiss write about this particular stretch of stores on Grand street without mentioning the original food destination on this block which opened 65 years ago which is Kossars the best bialy in town.

I can't wait to sign up for my first pizza class!

1 comment:

Kurt Brown said...

Can a grocery store in the same strip mall that Mark can actually shop at be far behind?

I love your 'hood.

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