Monday, April 19, 2010

Double Down Madness

I've been avoiding writing about the new gross out sandwich from KFC as it has been everywhere in the main stream media, but statistics genius Nate Silver over at his site has done an analysis of it (above) and although very unhealthy it's got a lot of company.

The upsetting thing to me is in the intro to the article Nate admits he hasn't eating one yet, but probably will, oh Nate say it ain't so! In a way that is why I didn't want to write about it, because you know all the press it's been getting is going to get people to go out and buy one.

So Nate if you are reading this, watch this video before you decide to eat that crap. Find your self a friend who cooks, make a date and go the the market, buy some tasty, humanely raised chicken, some heritage bacon, and maybe a little artisanal cheese, pick up a bottle or two of wine on your way home. Once home let your cook friend recreate for you a double down made from real ingredients.

Support farmers not KFC.

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