Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brits Discussing Food

From the Guardian, nothing new really, it's just interesting to see how we are all talking about the same thing and how food and how we eat is reaching a tipping point. The thing that struck me about this discussion was that in England they have universal health care so the population is paying the bill for food related illness like obesity and adult onset diabetes. The British government seems to be in a better place there to penalize people for eating crap, but also to preventing fast food and packaged food companies from selling there wares. It would be tremendously unpopular with a lot of corporate back lash, but if you made MacDonald's expensive people would stop eating there. Of course the real issue is how can a country like Britain convince the American government to stop corn subsidies, which are at the end of the day the reason we have "cheap" food to start with anyway here we go some smart Brit's chatting about food:

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