Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marcus Samuleson's Red Rooster

In surfing the net this morning I came across this bit of news, Aquavit and New York celebrity chef Marcus Samuleson is opening up a restaurant in Harlem called the Red Rooster.

It represents to me a real turning point in the ever evolving scene in Harlem, so many people have been moving up there for the cheap rents, this now seems to suggest that those rents will be going up!

Here's is an excerpt from what Mr. Samuleson has to say about it in the Huffington Post:

As I prepare to open the Red Rooster in Harlem in the fall of 2010, I think a lot about how food will affect my community, a neighborhood that has been starved of the amenities that are readily available to the rest of the city. Harlem has a rich cultural history and vibrant community, and Red Rooster is my way to give back to the neighborhood that's been my home for many years.

By opening the restaurant, we want to make sure it's affordable and offers fresh foods directly from nearby farms and food crafters, without alienating the community itself. I look forward to inviting children and budding chefs into our kitchens to teach them how to prepare great foods from wholesome ingredients and how to share that knowledge with their audience. I'm looking to contribute to a new landscape of food and dining in New York City and encourage New Yorkers to head north and discover Harlem.

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