Tuesday, April 27, 2010

City of Merchants

This looks like a very cool event. I have always wanted to go into the Marble Cemetery but it is always closed so this is a great opportunity to go inside, have some light refreshments and take part in a silent auction all to help support the good folks at the New Amsterdam Market who are trying to establish a full time artisanal local market under the Brooklyn Bridge in the historical South Street Seaport.

So mark your calendars May 22nd tickets go on sale May 6th.

The New York Marble Cemetery was incorporated in 1831 as the city’s first public, non-sectarian place of burial. It is located at 41 1/2 Second Avenue in the East Village, near the corner of Second Street. The beautiful and quiet garden oasis preserves the memory of New York’s 19th century merchants, many of whom conducted their business in the old Seaport. Long before the brokers of Wall Street, the independent, small businesses on South Street built New York’s economy.

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