Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Single Man

When Tom Ford's movie came out I decided I should re-read the book, I'm a huge Isherwood fan and wanted to see what he had changed from the original.  Surprisingly some extended scenes are verbatim and not surprising that whole sub plot about the gun was all added.

Julianne Moore's character who is called Charlie and Charlotte in the book is more eccentric and less wealthy in the book then she is portrayed in the movie.  Julianne Moore's performance in the film is brilliant and I'm just now at that part in the book.  Her opening lines are about food and made me laugh out loud on the subway when I read it  - I don't remember it being in the film, but I could have just missed it.

  "I say, I've just realized that there's a most ghastly smell of cooking in here!" Charlotte exclaims.  There certainly is.  George answers politely and that it's a delicious smell and that it makes him hungry.
  "I'm trying a new kind of stew, as a matter of fact.  I got the idea from a marvelous travel book Myrna Custer just bought me - about Borneo. Only the author gets slightly vague, so I've had to improvise a bit.  I mean, he doesn't come out and say so, but I have my suspicion that one's supposed to make it with human flesh.  Actually, I've used leftovers from a joint..."

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