Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jadeite by Fire King

This picture was taken of my brother and I when I was in Toronto recently by Kim who is also the collector of the amazing array of mid century Fire King Restaurant Ware Jadite which you see in the background and is the reason I'm posting this picture.

This stuff used to be easy to pick up at flea markets, but I think martha Stewart did a show on it and now a mug can cost you 30 bucks. I love it.


Kurt Brown said...

I see that your camera-shy bother is a smoker?

* scribbles in notebook *

Kurt Brown said...

bother -> brother

(Oy, how I hate that I can't edit my mistyped posts).

Kurt Brown said...

Oh Lordy. Can I be even more stupid? I just reread your caption, and realize this is the first picture OF your brother -- it was Kim who was the smoker. Sigh. Now all the world knows I'm a scatter-brained fluff-head.

* covers face with hands *

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