Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In The News

Lots of interesting stuff in the news this last week, here's my round up of things to check out:

Oceans acidity rate is soaring says the Independent in the UK.

Dotearth at the NYT does a summary on how we can feed 9 billion people. For me the most interesting tidbit was this:

"the reality that meat will long remain a part of most diets, particularly in populations moving out of poverty."

And of course how so much of the article was about GM seeds something that the authors of the article see as essential, call safe, but maintain are perplexed by whey there aren't more of. I'm obviously against them and see their argument as one sided, and question there results, yes they use less pesticides, but they still use pesticides where as to be truly sustainable biodynamic/organic farming is in the long term far better for the soil and for maximizing water use and retention. It may be cynical of me, but it's hard to read these "scientific experts" and wonder how much grant money they got from Monsanto or the like, especially when the story is so one sided. Although "sustainability" is given minimal lip service.

And some good news from Treehugger the USDA is tightening standards on Organic dairy and Livestock.

And finally thank you Michelle Obama for taking on childhood obesity, you rock.

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