Sunday, February 21, 2010

Darwins Nightmare: A Documentary About Humans and Fish

I just watched Darwin's Nightmare tonight, it's about 5 years old and was nominated for the Oscar for best Documentary in 2006. I found it hard to watch and sometimes hard to understand what people were saying because of the very low tech rough and tumble style of filming. All I can say it is worth the effort and although made over 5 years ago I can't imagine the situation is much changed. It's particularly interesting to read the Wikipedia page on it as the criticism of the movie all comes from the Tanzanian Government even though most of it is not well documented.

Basically somebody introduced Nile perch into lake Victoria destroying it's ecosystem , but creating a cash crop for Europeans and giving Russian and Ukrainian air cargo plane owners a reason to drop arms off to go on to the Congo, Somalia etc and then take home expensive fish fillets to sell to the Westerners while the Tanzanians starve or die of HIV or any number of other horrible things.

Yes, it's really grim, but it give you yet another reason to only buy fish from a local fish monger that was fished out of a local body of water. That's if you needed to be further convinced. It also gives a very clear example of how fucked Tanzania and by extension most of Africa is and how unrestrained capitalism along with the World Bank et al is just Colonialism continued.

Pass the tartar sauce please.

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