Wednesday, February 24, 2010

French Fries, Ice Cream and Red Wine or Middle Age Food Rage

It occurred to me today as I was looking for something to eat before going to yoga, that I didn't want a fucking salad, I wanted a large plate of fries with a glass of red wine and then I wanted to finish it all off with chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Indeed I had the fucking salad and it was delicious and not only did I feel good after eating it I felt happy to know that I had not further contributed to my expanding middle.

It's such a struggle, because when it is all said and done do any of us really want a salad? No we want the french fries, ice cream and wine - don't we?

I'm just like the over eager always hungry fat Labrador retriever who would happily eat until he exploded in bliss.

Forgive me, I needed to vent about my lustful feelings for food I shouldn't being (at least not if I want to loss weight and continue to do yoga) I totally empathize with anyone out there who has ever struggled with trying to eat better, or eat well and felt badly when they struggled with the realization that it isn't the most natural thing in the world to crave lettuce.

Sometimes when I'm ranting about the evils of corn syrup or the horrors of factory meat it's easy to lose sight of how hard it can really be to find a farmers market or to find a humanely raised piece of chicken when you want it, the world is filled with temptation, corn syrup and fatty empty calories, everywhere you turn is something you really shouldn't be eating, it's a battlefield! On the way to the salad you have to strategically manoeuvre yourself down streets filled with pizza joints, BBQ, Belgium fries with 40 toppings, 125 flavors of ice cream, 12 bakeries, 2 dozen Japanese noodle places, Chinese lunch specials, dumplings!

Is it any wonder people give up before they find a cafe table and manage to muster up the will to actually order a salad?

No wonder the hot topic everywhere you turn is eating at home!


AVL Chris+Skip said...

Ha HA. I hear you. Because of our innate proclivity to consume comfort food as a reward for STRESS I'm looking down on a throbbing, raging... BIG TOE!

GOUT! And just looking at these unctuous food photos, specifically the red wine, makes Mr. Toe pulse and swell. Thinking that chocolate ice cream WOULD make a nice cold pack right now.

Eating right--more salads, less meat—and drinking lots of water are this weekend's agenda for me too.

Chris... Skip

Urban Food Guy said...

Ouch! It's safer at home there's less temptation. Sorry to hear about your toe.

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