Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monsanto Backed Bill in Congress to Make Organic Farming Illegal?

Doesn't that sound like something you'd read in a science fiction novel? It's so freaky to me I'm not sure how it's even possible, how can you make growing food in your back year illegal?

I just saw this on Facebook:

HR 875 and S 425 are the pieces of legislation that would criminalize organic farming, even having a garden in your back yard! PLEASE contact your representatives and Senators about this! We can NOT allow this to happen to food! There will no longer be ORGANIC food... they will be required to spray pesticides and insecticides on the "organic" food... hence, making it no longer organic



I haven't read the bills yet and one commenter on Facebook says he has read them and doesn't see how they can make Organic farming illegal....so it may just be hysteria...still we live in such a crazy world it wouldn't surprise me....


AVL Chris+Skip said...

Went to the HR875 link and quickly glossed over it. Wherever you see more than one comment in the comment bubbles, it's something people like we are probably interested in.

I commented on Sec. 206 (c) 3: Food Production Facilities, where the wording implies minimal standards for applying fertilizers. As if no fertilizer is not an option. They need to get that one clarified.

Didn't see anything about outlawing organic farms. The wording is law-speak Educanesse, very indirect. Clcick on the heavily commented upon segments and that's where you see the arguments re. small farms, organics, and fears about big industry farms getting upperhand.

Have to create profile to comment.

Urban Food Guy said...

Thanks! I'm snowed into making a dinner for some friends so I'll try to get on line and check it out further.

Mariah said...

I was all up in arms about HR 875 as well, and I got some helpful information from Ilex at Homesteading In a Condo:

It has some follow ups to what's going on with HR 875, although it is still a good idea to voice your opinion to your congresspeople.

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