Friday, February 20, 2009

Mead makes a come back

Seriously, can someone tell me how Brooklyn became the epicenter for the new age in food? I guess like everything else in New York it comes down to real estate and Manhattan has over priced itself.

Another set of brothers, Nathaniel and Thatcher Martin (I say another because just last week I mentioned the Mast Brothers who are doing home made chocolate in Williamsburg as well),
have been perfecting Ye Olde Honey Drink and have come up with something wine-like and not too sweet and they are selling it at Astor Wines for $13. I'm going to buy a bottle this weekend and will give you a full update on Monday.

Nathaniel and Thatcher - do you think these guys had crazy English teacher parents? No wonder they grew up and moved to Brooklyn to make mead. Maybe if my parents had named me Trump I would have moved to New York and become wealthy!

Enough silliness. Here's the Mead boys website:

Oh and just because I just now noticed it, see how their URL is MANHATTAN Meadery, not Brooklyn Meadery. Sounds like borough envy to me! ;-)

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