Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chef's call for labeling of GMO foods

Clearly, telling the consumer what it is they are actually buying is something that most corporate food companies shy away from. Even Whole Foods, who was an industry leader in telling consumers where each product was from and whether it was "conventional" or "organic", still does things like: "from California or Mexico" on some of their products (pecans in this instance).

It's a start, but is there some reason you can't separate out the ones from Mexico and the ones from California? Same with produce, I'd consider buying citrus from Florida or Texas as it isn't shipped from so far away and for the most part is shipped by train or truck not plane, but if you muddle the equation by saying Florida or Chile or whatever the combo might be, it makes the choice much more difficult and, it seems to me, sort of defeats the point of doing it in the first place.

Anyway, I've said here before that if someone doesn't say their popcorn is made without GMO corn I am going to assume it is GMO corn. I mean it's a no-brainer, right? It is either GMO or not and if it is not why not advertise the fact so that people know what it is that they are getting?

Why is it still a radical concept to actually be forthcoming to consumers about what it is you are trying to sell them? Like telling you wants in it and where it is from?

At the swearing in of Tim Vilsack for Secretary of Agriculture a bunch of high-power chefs from NY and all over the country convened in DC to cook, celebrate and urge Obama to do all sorts of good things like label foods that contain GMO's amongst others. I wish them much luck, I think all food should be labeled as to where it comes from and if it is a GMO or not. I hope Vilsack turns out to be great and prove me wrong.

Read the article for yourself. The more I read it the more it actually kind of annoys me. I'm happy the first family is eating well and that they are interested and engaged with food. It's great that we have so many smart and passionate people at the table to work on making urgent change to this countries food production and it's people's eating habits.

But it's unfortunate that the makers of Round Up pesticides are at the head of the table poisoning the meal.

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